Letters to Congress and federal agencies

May 2022
  • Organization letter to the House in support of legislation to provide federal agencies with the flexibilities and funding needed to shore up supply and assure the safety of infant formula available on the market (May 18)
  • Organization letter to the Senate urging support for S. 4132, the Women’s Health Protection Act of 2022 (May 9)
  • Organization letters to House and Senate Appropriations Committee leaders in support of strong FY 2023 funding for OSHA and NIOSH (May 2)
  • Organization letter to House and Senate Interior-Environment appropriations subcommittee leaders urging full funding of the president’s FY 2023 budget request for EPA's implementation of the Toxic Substances Control Act (April 29)
April 2022
March 2022
February 2022
  • APHA letter to the Senate urging support for the Women's Health Protection Act to create a federal, statutory right to abortion (Feb. 28)
  • Organization letter to Congress in support of the Job Protection Act, which would expand Family and Medical Leave Act protections to part-time employees and employees of small employers (Feb. 23)
  • Organization letter in support of the House-passed FY 2022 level for CDC's National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (Feb. 22)
  • National organization statement opposing state-level anti-LGBTQ+ legislation (Feb. 15)
  • Organization letter to Congress in support of the climate change and clean energy provisions included in the House-passed Build Back Better Act (Feb. 9)
  • Organization letter in support of including S. 3534, the Tracking Pathogens Act in the PREVENT Pandemics Act discussion draft (Feb. 4)
  • Organization statement in support of Medicare coverage for medically-necessary oral/dental health therapies (Feb. 2022)
January 2022