Presenter FAQs

Is there an online program where my session is listed?

Yes. You can search your name or title in the Online Program.

I can no longer attend to present at the meeting, but I would like to ask my co-author to present. How do I change the speaker?

You can change the presenting author in your Speakers’ Corner.

How can I update my author list?

You can edit your author list in your Speakers’ Corner.

When will I receive an update on my abstract status?
  1. General abstract notification emails were sent on June 6-7, 2023. If you did not receive an email and it is not in your spam, send an email to presenters@apha.org.
  2. Late breaker notification emails will be sent by Aug. 31.
  3. Waitlisted abstract notification emails will be sent by Aug. 31. If you have not heard about your abstract, please contact the program planner for more details.
Why was my abstract declined? Can you provide feedback?

Contact the program planner (PDF) of the Section for details.

Can I present virtually?

No, all presenters (poster, oral and roundtable) must present in person in Atlanta this year. There are no virtual options for presenters.

How do I make corrections to my abstract?

You cannot change your abstract content once the submission deadline has passed. However, minor corrections (i.e. spelling errors, etc.) can be made by APHA staff. Email us to make a correction.

How much time do I have for my oral presentation?

You will have 15 minutes for your presentation. Oral presentations are scheduled in 90-minute sessions. Each presenter will have 15 minutes to present. The session will consist of 4-5 presentations followed by a Q&A session at the end.

I can’t present on this date, can I reschedule my presentation for another day?
Contact the program planner (pdf) of the section to see if there is space available in another session. If there is no space, you will need to either withdraw your abstract or ask the program chair to waitlist your abstract.
Can I change the format of my presentation [oral, poster, roundtable]?
There may not be space available in a different session format at this time. Contact the program planner (PDF) of the Section to see if there is any space available in a different format.
Do I have to create a digital poster presentation?
You do not have to submit a digital version of the poster before the meeting. Onsite printing services will be available. We will post additional details about this service on our web site soon. See poster guidelines.
Can my co-author(s) present?

Only one presenter per abstract is allowed to present. Your co-author(s) can join you for the Q&A portion of the session and help answer questions, but all co-authors must be registered for the meeting. 

How do I upload my PowerPoint presentation in advance of the meeting?

Upload your PPT file in your Speakers’ Corner. We will send presenters instructions on how to upload their PowerPoint presentations early October.
The deadline to upload your presentation is Nov. 6.

I’m supposed to moderate a session, but no presenters have joined the Zoom call yet.

They might have forgotten to rename themselves in Zoom. Remind speakers to rename themselves as “speaker-John Smith” so you can see them in the participant list.

How do I upload my poster presentation?

The deadline to upload posters was Oct. 18. If a poster presenter is requesting to upload their presentation file, please ask them to email a copy of their presentation to presenters@apha.org. Please note that video files may not be uploaded until the conclusion of the Annual Meeting.

Do moderators have to use APHA's slides?

Moderators are asked to use APHA slides to maintain consistency across the virtual meeting.

What, if any, speaker information will be available to session moderators/program planners?

From the Speakers’ Corner, session moderators can retrieve speaker contact info and should reach out to speakers in advance of the meeting. From the Speakers' Corner, moderators can also find short bios for each presenter.

Can presenters and moderators use virtual backgrounds?

Presenters can use virtual backgrounds if their computers support them. Backgrounds should not be too busy.

What zoom functions (polling, chat, Q&A) will be used and will the moderator/co-host have access to?

Because all oral sessions are set up as Zoom meetings (not webinars), standard Zoom functions will be enabled, including chat, and polling. However, if you intend to use the polling feature, you will need to get to the Zoom room 20 minutes early and will need to request host privileges so that you can set up your poll questions and answers prior to the start of the session.

How do I register for the meeting?

Presenters must be a member of APHA and register for the meeting. There is no discounted registration rate for presenters.

Registration Steps:

  1. Go to our registration page
  2. Click the Register Now button.
  3. Follow the first step to become a member or renew your membership. 
  4. Once membership is complete, continue to registration.
  5. On the first step, indicate that you are a presenter and includer your abstract ID number. 
  6. Complete registration.
Where can I find information about what to expect as a presenter at APHA 2020?

Check out the tools and guidelines on our presenter webpage.