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Dec 03 2014, 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM EST


You are invited to a webinar hosted by the Federal Interagency Health Equity Team.

A decade ago, Spokane public schools’ graduation rate was less than 60 percent. The same year, Eastern Washington University’s Policy Department started an initiative to compile data in the sectors of health, education, economic vitality, public safety, and environment in Spokane County. Community leaders recognized the data’s utility for identifying challenges, measuring change, and prioritizing actions to maximize impact in the community. With this vision in mind, Priority Spokane was launched as a collaborative organization to fostering measurable improvements across sectors. Their work demonstrates the importance of recognizing education as a social determinant of health, and how addressing the education needs of a community is a critical step in promoting health equity. In this webinar, speakers will discuss the structure of Priority Spokane as well as the strategies, resources and tools implemented through the Promote Spokane to promote equity in education and health.

TOPIC: Priority Spokane: Focusing on Education Outcomes to Improve Health Equity


Lyndia Wilson, MS, Division Director, Disease Prevention and Response, Spokane Regional Health District  

Gloria Ochoa, JD, Director of Local Government and Multi-Cultural Affairs, City of Spokane

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