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Date: Oct 20 2014

Contact: Mandi Yohn, 202-777-2509

APHA Releases 20th Edition of Control of Communicable Diseases Manual

Renowned sourcebook features timely updates on Ebola, MERS, West Nile virus and more

Washington, D.C., October 20, 2014 — The American Public Health Association today announced the release of the 20th edition of its venerable Control of Communicable Diseases Manual. The book, a leading global reference for identifying and controlling infectious disease, is available for order online via APHA Press.

“CCDM is a complete field manual that allows epidemiologists and public health field workers to have the most up-to-date information about the prevention and management of communicable diseases,” said David Heymann, MD, acclaimed international infectious disease expert and editor of CCDM. “The publication is especially relevant in today's globalized world, when the Ebola virus is spreading in major urban areas in West Africa, when the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome remains a risk in countries where hospital infection control is not up to standard and when endemic infectious diseases remain a major cause of mortality in the least-developed countries.”

In the new edition, all 138 chapters have been updated with the latest information about the occurrence, transmission, resistance and control of infectious diseases. The severe acute respiratory syndrome chapter has been expanded and renamed “SARS, MERS and other Coronavirus infections,” due to the emergence of MERS in 2012. Additionally, three diseases included in previous editions – Japanese encephalitis, West Nile virus and Rift Valley fever – have now been given their own standalone chapters based on their increasing importance.

“We can learn a lot from the agents of infectious diseases. They teach us the value of eternal vigilance and the price of neglect of our public health infrastructure,” said David Satcher, MD, PhD, of Morehouse School of Medicine and 16th U.S. Surgeon General.  “We need CCDM to remind us of the challenge we face and to keep us updated as to the latest approaches to control of these communicable disease agents.”

This edition also features a new chapter on “one health,” a movement that reflects the understanding that infections of humans, animals and the environment are all interconnected; and that encourages the collaboration of public health doctors, veterinarians and ecologists to address potential public health threats caused by infections at the human/animal interface.

“This manual is now the classic by which all other infectious disease manuals are measured,” said Georges Benjamin, MD, executive director of APHA. “Since we last went to press, there has been an explosion in infectious diseases of international concern, reinforcing the need for health practitioners to have an expert guide in the use of sound infection control practices. This latest edition of CCDM further strengthens the value of the text as a global resource.”

A Web version of the manual is also being developed to enhance access and portability of the text, while also allowing for more frequent chapter updates as new information on emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases becomes available. These online resources will also be available for use on mobile devices.

Book ordering information: Available now, published by APHA Press, “Control of Communicable Diseases Manual, 20th Edition,” ISBN: 978-0-87553-018-5, softcover, 750 pages, List price: $50, plus shipping and handling (APHA member price: $35). To order, call toll-free 888-320-APHA; fax 888-361-APHA; email APHA press or visit the APHA Bookstore.
Requests for a review copy should be sent by email to David Hartogs.

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