Necessary strategies to prevent bullying outlined in new book from APHA

Date: Aug 22 2013

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Washington, D.C., Aug. 22, 2013 — A new book from the American Public Health Association presents recommendations for a public health approach toward bullying prevention efforts and programs. Using research and program evaluation expertise, “A Public Health Approach to Bullying Prevention” discusses the problem of bullying, methods of developing bullying prevention programs and how bullying prevention efforts can be expanded into the greater school community and culture.

“With its public health perspective and approach, this book can lead us steps closer to eliminating the physical and mental anguish that bullying has on our nation’s children and communities,” said Georges Benjamin, MD, executive director of the American Public Health Association. “The book’s collection of various perspectives offers a comprehensive tool for parents and professionalsto ensure healthy and safe schools.”

The book is a collaboration between successful bullying prevention efforts implemented in southwestern Pennsylvania schools and a coalition of professionals striving to develop an approach that might implement similar success in other U.S. school communities. Authors in the book include psychologists, educators, social workers, public health program workers and more, each with expertise in addressing bullying in the school environment.

“The goal ultimately, is to enable and empower the students, teachers, school administration and parents to take on the work and responsibility of providing a safer and healthier environment for children,” explained Matthew Masiello, MD, MPH, Center for Health Promotion, Disease Prevention Director at the Windber Research Institute in Windber, Pennsylvania  and co-editor of the book.

“A Public Health Approach to Bullying Prevention” is intended as a resource for parents and professionals. Its content offers definitions of public health, school environment and bullying;an explanation of the importance of evidence-based programs; program monitoring and evaluation methods;the importance of coalition development and leadership; and methods to sustain changes to the school culture. With a comprehensive approach, the book incorporates discussion of specific topics ranging from bullying against students in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender population; to cost–benefit analysis; to the legislative landscape.

“A public health approach to bullying prevention will serve as that practical, sustainable cost-effectivestrategy to tackle bullying,”Masiello charges. “More importantly, it may be our best approach to providing legitimate and sustainable hope to our children at a time when it is becoming increasingly more difficult to do so.”

Book ordering information: Available now, published by APHA Press, “A Public Health Approach to Bullying Prevention,”ISBN: 978-0-87553-203-5, softcover, 376 pages, List price: $50.00, plus shipping and handling (APHA member price: $35.00). To order, call toll-free 888-320-APHA; fax 888-361-APHA; e-mail APHA press or visit the APHA Bookstore.

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