New APHA Book Provides Guidance on Strategic Leadership for Public Health Advocates

Date: Jun 10 2010

The DeMarco Factor: Transforming Public Will into Political Power, author Michael Pertschuk, JD

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Washington, D.C. – In a new book co-published by APHA and Vanderbilt University Press, titled The DeMarco Factor: Transforming Public Will into Political Power author Michael Pertschuk, JD, provides an insider’s perspective of the remarkably successful grassroots campaigns led by organizer Vincent DeMarco to enact progressive public health laws at both the state and national level.

The book chronicles several of DeMarco’s campaigns as a tireless public health advocate and illuminates the innovative mobilizing strategies and leadership qualities he displays when challenging Big Tobacco and its egregious marketing to children, taking on the gun lobby in six statewide campaigns and fighting for quality, affordable health care on behalf of thousands of low-income workers in Maryland. 

The book also describes how DeMarco helped pave the way for recent bi-partisan passage of federal legislation that gives FDA broad powers to regulate the marketing and sales of tobacco products. He currently serves as president of the Maryland Citizen’s Health Initiative building one of the largest, most influential grassroots campaigns ever waged on the issue of health care in Maryland, and he has helped build strong faith and public health coalitions in many other states.

A former chair of the Federal Trade Commission, Pertschuk has spent four decades as a tireless advocate himself fighting to enact critical public health laws such as tobacco control, youth marketing and auto safety, then writing about and teaching public health and social justice advocacy.

Of The DeMarco Factor, Robert Reich writes, “Michael Pertschuk has spent his life battling for ordinary Americans against the moneyed interests in Washington—and, along the way, has energized and mobilized countless numbers of ordinary Americans for that same battle. It’s the only hope we have. Read this and don your armor.”

Ordering Information: Co-published by APHA and Vanderbilt University Press, The DeMarco Factor, 978-082651-7036, 244 pages, soft cover $24.95 ($19.95 member) plus shipping and handling. To order, call toll-free 888-320-APHA; fax 888-361-APHA; e-mail APHA press or visit the APHA Bookstore.

Requests for a review copy should be sent by email to David Hartogs.

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