Major and Emerging Forms of Interpersonal Violence the Focus of New Edition of Confronting Violence

Date: May 19 2010

Confronting Violence: Answering Questions About the Epidemic Destroying America’s Homes and Communities, 3rd Edition, by George Gellert, MD, MPH, MPA

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Washington , D.C. – Despite a declining U.S. violent crime rate in recent years, Americans remain concerned that not enough is being done to prevent and appropriately address the violence epidemic in the country. In the newly published third edition of Confronting Violence: Answering Questions About the Epidemic Destroying
America’s Homes and Communities
 author George Gellert cites recurring school shootings, bullying and youth violence and chronic sexual ab use of children as reasons for heightened public attention on violence. 

“There is still a need to distill and summarize these vast data and insights into a readily accessible, readable and useful single reference volume,” Gellert said. “The third edition of Confronting Violence updates all of the epidemiological, profile, risk factor, situational and outcomes data on the varied forms of interpersonal violence.”

By cutting across all major forms of interpersonal violence affecting diverse segments of society Confronting Violenceprovides a one-stop resource for healthcare, social service, law enforcement and other professionals who encounter victims of violence and their families. Written in everyday English and addressing actionable concerns and issues for victims of violence, the book can also help individuals and families directly affected by violence to identify, understand, cope with and prevent violence.

The third edition of the publication delves deeper into several issues, including youth and school violence as well as bullying. New sections featured in the book focus on cyber-bullying, date rape and drug-facilitated rape. 

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