Ethics in Public Health Is Focus of Two New Books

Date: Jan 21 2010

“Ethics in Epidemiology and Public Health Practice” and “Case Studies in Public Health Ethics” 

Editor: Steven Coughlin, PhD, MPH

Contact: Media Relations, (202) 777-2509

Washington, D.C. – Public health research and practice raise a variety of important ethical issues: privacy, informed consent, disclosing conflicts of interest, among others. Interest in these issues reflects public health’s important role in society and the concerns of public health professionals, researchers, policy-makers and the general public about the integrity of health information.  

Two new books published by the American Public Health Association, “Ethics in Epidemiology and Public Health Practice” and “Case Studies in Public Health Ethics,” aim to help students and public health professionals identify and solve ethics-related concerns. The books provide an updated and expanded discussion of notable developments in ethics, epidemiology and public health practice.  

“Few resources have been available that articulate ethical issues in both epidemiologic research and in public health practice,” notes author Steven Coughlin, PhD, MPH, senior epidemiologist at the Department of Veterans Affairs and an adjunct professor of epidemiology at Emory University’s Rollins School of Public Health. “The second edition of ‘Ethics in Epidemiology and Public Health Practice’ expands topics covered in the first edition such as ethical issues in epidemiologic research, public health practice, ethics instruction and ethics guidelines for epidemiologists.” 

The book also addresses a number of theoretical and applied aspects of public health ethics at pubic health agencies and institutions, including general ethical principles and organizational ethics.  

Coughlin’s second book, “Case Studies in Public Health Ethics,” begins with an overview of methods of moral reasoning suitable for analyzing ethical problems in public health. Its 17 chapters cover issues of privacy, confidentiality protection, informed consent in pubic health research, the ethics of randomized trials, vulnerable populations, genetic discrimination, AIDS prevention and treatment, health care reform, scientific misconduct, conflicts of interest, intellectual property and more. 

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