Ending subsidies will sabotage insurance markets, jeopardize health care coverage for all Americans

Date: Oct 13 2017


Contact: Megan Lowry, 202-777-3913

Washington, D.C., October 13, 2017 – The American Public Health Association strongly opposes the administration’s decision to end key Affordable Care Act subsidies for low-income Americans. Ending these subsidies will not only prevent funds from reaching families least able to afford their insurance, but increase the rate that all Americans will pay for their health care. President Donald Trump’s decision will undermine the ability of the health insurance marketplace to function and provide affordable plans. 

This action will cause dangerous destabilization of the health insurance markets just a few short weeks before millions of Americans will seek to purchase or renew their insurance plan during open enrollment.

“It is deeply concerning that  the president would choose to jeopardize Americans’ health care coverage as hundreds of thousands are still recovering from the health effects of some of the worst natural disasters our nation has ever seen,” said Georges Benjamin, MD, executive director of APHA. “Any action to change our health insurance system should lower costs and cover more Americans, not sabotage the entire market and undermine families’ ability to afford insurance.”

Furthermore, executive actions signed earlier this week by President Donald Trump could allow expanded options to consumers outside of Affordable Care Act-regulated plans, including health reimbursement arrangements, short-term limited duration insurance and association health plans. Consumers who purchase these plans face fewer guarantees about what their plan will include, likely receiving poor coverage from plans that will meet fewer of their health care needs.

APHA implores the administration and Congress to work together to find a bipartisan solution that will strengthen health insurance marketplaces and ensure Americans’ ability to purchase comprehensive, affordable health care coverage.


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