AJPH publishes supplement on health promotion research

Date: Feb 21 2019

CONTACT: Megan Lowry, 202-777-3913 

Washington, D.C., Feb. 21, 2019 – The American Journal of Public Health published a supplemental issue entitled “Accelerating the Evolution of Health Promotion Research.” The papers in this issue provide public health professionals with an updated examination of research in to public health promotion, data collection and social media. 

Authors from a range of disciplines discuss the need to use new and innovative methodologies to confront complex public health challenges. The issue focuses on three themes: addressing multiple levels of causality in health problems; technology-based methodologies to enhance health promotion and improving translation and sustainment of effective health promotion programs. 

The supplement includes editorials, commentaries and Public Health Practice papers. 

Funding for this supplement was provided by the Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University, New York, NY. The Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion would like to acknowledge the Rowe Family Foundation for their support and encouragement. 

Papers in this supplement include: 

  • Improving efficiency in mobile data collection for place-based public health research 
  • Sustaining Evidence-Based Interventions and Policies: Recent Innovations and Future Directions in Implementation Science 
  • Big Data, Large-Scale Text Analysis, and Public Health Research 
  • Achieving the goals of translational science in public health intervention research: The multiphase optimization strategy (MOST) 
  • Healthy retail as a strategy for improving food security and the built environment in San Francisco  
  • Housing-based Health Interventions: Harnessing the Social Utility of Housing to Promote Health 
  • A Multi-level Intervention with African American Churches to Enhance Adoption of Point-of-Care HIV and Diabetes Testing, 2014-2018 
  • People-Centered Innovations in Data Collection: The Oregon Experience 
  • Public Health in the Era of Social Media 
  • Need for Innovation in Public Health Research 
  • Accelerating the Evolution of Health Promotion Research: Broadening Boundaries and Improving Impact


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