Member Types and Rates

APHA's membership categories represent the professional stages of a person's career. All categories receive APHA's core benefits, including award-winning publications, networking opportunities and career services.

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Open to health professionals, other career workers in the health field and any persons interested in public health. Eligible for green discount.

Individuals whose annual salary is less than $45,000 USD or the equivalent for foreign nationals receive a discount on Regular membership (formerly Special Health Worker membership). Proof of Status is required annually. Eligible for green discount.

Person who has retired and no longer derives income from current work-related activities. Declaration of status is required annually. Eligible for green discount.

Early-Career Professional
Person who graduated in the last 24 months and is transitioning into the workforce. Includes programs specific to new public health professionals. This member type is available for three consecutive years. Proof of Status is required annually. Eligible for green discount.

Individuals must be enrolled in a degree program. Qualifying student should be taking at least 6 credit hours (undergraduate degree) or 3 credit hours (graduate degree) per semester or comparable credits in a quarter system. Student membership is available for up to six years per degree. Proof of Status is required annually and must include both credit hours and academic institution verification. Eligible for green discount.

Public health programs (schools of public health, etc.) have a new discount student membership option.

fees vary
Agency membership is open to federal, state and local officials and voluntary organizations engaged in public health work or other programs having a close relationship to health services. Membership requires approval from APHA's Executive Board. Once approved, staff/employees of the agency are eligible to register for APHA's Annual Meeting at a discounted fee. Discount individual membership rates are also available to employees of agency members.

School-Sponsored Student Memberships
fees vary
Schools and programs of Public Health are eligible to participate in a School-Sponsored Student Membership program that allows them to enroll their students as an APHA member at a greatly discounted rate. This is a terrific way to get your students involved during their studies and prepare them for future engagement opportunities in public health.

Green Discount 
Save $20 on your membership when you choose online-only access to the American Journal of Public Health. With this discount, you will no longer receive a print copy of AJPH. You will have full online access to AJPH, including the e-reader (The Green Discount option does not apply to individuals who join or renew through their Agency or participants in the School-Sponsored Student Membership program).

To learn more, please contact APHA's Membership Department at 202-777-2400 or email us.

Installment Plan

Spread your payments out quarterly or semi-annually with APHA’s installment plan. It’s an easy, affordable way to handle your membership. Contact our Membership Services Department at 202-777-2400 or to get started or to modify your existing payment plan.  Or just check the box for your preferred installment option on the application form you send to us. (Please note that if you select an installment plan your membership will also automatically renew annually — at the payment intervals you select — until you tell us to stop). The Installment Plan options do not apply to individuals who join or renew through their Agency or participants in the School-Sponsored Student Membership program)

*Installment Plan Rates
Member Type Annual Semi-Annual Quarterly Annual (Green Discount) Semi-Annual (Green Discount) Quarterly (Green Discount)
RE $220 $110 $55 $200 $100 $50
RE2 $105 $52.50 $26.25 $85 $42.50 $21.25
RT $95 $47.50 $23.75 $75 $37.50 $18.75
ECP $130 $65 $32.50 $110 $55 $27.50
ST $85 $42.50 $21.25 $65 $32.50 $16.25 

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