Agency Membership

Agency membership is open to federal, state and local official and voluntary organizations engaged in public health work, or other nonprofits with an interest in public health. 

Who can become an Agency member? 

  • Official health agencies 
  • Voluntary health agencies and institutions 
  • Health and welfare councils 
  • Agencies providing health services as part of a broader program 
  • Agencies and organizations that have established a recognized standing in the health field 

Agency member benefits 

APHA has created a new agency membership designed to provide extra value for membership dues dollars. We are excited about these new, enhanced offerings and believe they will result in a much greater return on your organizational investment. For example, a new employee benefit allows individuals within your organization to join APHA at a greatly discounted rate. Those joining will be entitled to the full range of membership benefits afforded all APHA members, including the opportunity to present at the Annual Meeting and participate in two Sections of their choice.

Other new benefits include visibility for your agency on the APHA website, discounts on advertising and publications, and much more. Check out the full list of benefits and a fee chart in our Frequently Asked Questions. (PDF)

Find pricing information and how to join on the agency application (PDF). Need more information on how to become an agency member and the perks associated with membership? Need to know who your agency liaison is? Contact Membership Marketing Manager Nancy Sherwood via email or at 202-777-3914.

JOIN NOW! Our collective voice is more important than ever!

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