Housing and Travel

Housing for APHA 2019

View the list and map of hotels to see rates and distance from the convention center.  

Housing For APHA 2020

Housing for APHA 2020 in San Francisco will open in June 2020.

Roommate Locator - Save on hotel costs while getting to know other public health professionals by sharing a room with another Annual Meeting attendee. Add your name to the roommate locator list or search possible roommates.

Beware of Housing Scams

Spargo, Inc. is the official housing vendor for the APHA Annual Meeting and does not solicit. Tech-savvy scammers create fake reservations and websites that look legitimate. If you book through these sites, you run the risk of arriving and not having a hotel room. Make sure you are starting from an apha.org or jspargo.com web page when you begin your housing process. Never book from an email that does not come from an apha.org or spargoinc.com email address. 

Travel Information

There are plenty of options for traveling into San Francisco. Please be aware of the distance to the Moscone Convention Center from airports and train stations. Consider taking mass tranpsortation (see more below) especially during peak traffic areas.

Travel Discounts — Take advantage of discounts on airfare, train fare, rental cars, and more during APHA 2020 in San Francisco


Train Station Amtrak, 245 Second Street, Oakland, CA 94607. (11 miles from PACC)

Visa and Travel Information — For international visitors traveling in and out of the United States, learn about what you need before arriving.

Accessible Travel Information — There are lots of options for accessible transportation available to all attendees.

Getting Around San Francisco

For those looking to explore San Francisco's many sites consider these options.

  • BART — This is a fast and inexpensive way to get from San Francisco's airports and train stations to downtown San Francisco. The BART is also an easy way to explore areas of downtown.
  • Cable Cars and Street Cars - The historic and fun option for getting around San Francisco. Cable cares are located downtown and run on three lines. The Cable Cars and Street Cars are run through San Francisco's bus and metro system, Muni
  • Ride share — Choose from Lyft or Uber. Fares from the airport to the convention center are estimated at $30-$40.
  • Taxi Service - Taxis are readily available at the airport and throughout the city. Fares from the airport to downtown are about $55. Share a ride to save money.

Frequently Asked Questions

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