Student Assembly

MEMBER PERKThe APHA Student Assembly is the nation's largest student-led organization dedicated to furthering the development of students, the next generation of professionals in public health and health-related disciplines. APHA-SA represents and serves students of public health and other health-related disciplines by connecting individuals who are interested in working together on public health and student-related issues.

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Our vision:

A network of students for a healthy global society.

Who are APHA Student Assembly members?

Membership in the Student Assembly is automatically granted to all APHA student members. However, APHA members who are not students are welcome to join as well.

What is the Student Assembly’s relationship to APHA?

Today, the Student Assembly has upward of 7,000 students and young professionals in a variety of health professions among its membership. Guided by its mission and vision, the Student Assembly works to build capacity for a stronger public health workforce and infrastructure in the future.

Student Assembly leaders are active in the overall governance of APHA. Our chair is an ex-officio voting member of the APHA Executive Board as well as its Governing Council and our chair-elect is a member of the APHA Inter-Sectional Council Steering Committee. Furthermore, students apply for and are elected to serve as student representatives in the following APHA boards and committees: Action Board, American Journal of Public Health Editorial Board, Council of Affiliates, Education Board, Publications Board, Science Board and The Nation’s Health Advisory Board.