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Featured committee: Justice-Impacted and Incarcerated Health

Dedicated to advancing the multiple public health areas intersecting with justice systems. Key topic areas: disparities, human rights, behavioral health, chronic care, transitional care, and special populations. The JIIH committee maintains a listserv of over 200 members and experts issuing periodic newsletters to announce Upcoming Events, Articles and Resources, and Notes from Members. For APHA Annual Meetings, JIIH distributes a list of Sections seeking Abstracts in Key Topic Areas and a user friendly Directory of JIIH Sessions of Interest by date, time and location. The listserv is also a useful networking tool, connecting those looking for experts in their regions or best practice guidelines.


  • AETC National Resource Center Health Disparities Collaborative Webinar: Addressing Health Disparities Among Incarcerated and Recently Incarcerated Populations webinar recording
  • Reentry Central: The National Website on Reentry for news and information on the subject of reentry and related criminal justice issues.

News and Publications:

  • A Minnesota proposal aims to create a recovery center or those living with mental illness who have been arrested, as a possible diversion from jail.
  • Consumer Rights Come to Jail: How the Affordable Care Act Changes the Rights of Individuals Pending Disposition, COCHS’ Daniel J. Mistak, describes how the ACA endows individuals pending disposition with new consumer rights -- and the implications of those rights.