Disability Section

Disability is a national public health issue needing special attention. We can ALL help to make our world a better place for individuals with disabilities.

Handicapped parking signDisabled men playing soccer

Members of the Disability Section are involved with policies and actions focusing on the equalization of opportunities for people with disabilities. These include the promotion of equity in health care and health outcomes, and social change to promote socioeconomic integration.

We come from a variety of backgrounds, including social and rehabilitative services, medical and health professions and social sciences. Hence, our work includes teaching, research, provision of clinical services, policy development and civil service.

Section leadership:

Chair: Meg Traci
Past Chair: Willi Horner-Johnson 
Chair-Elect: Dot Nary
Secretary: David Tillman
Awards Chair: Adriane Griffen
Treasurer: Amanda Reichard
Membership Chair: Mara Nery-Hurwit
Communications Chair: Vijay Vasudevan
Program Chair: Amy Rauworth
Policy Chairs: Barbara Kornblau and Randall Owen
Student Liaison: Erica Twardzik
Accessibility Liaison: Karl Cooper
Governing Councilors: Kiyoshi Yamaki and Anthony Cahill
Section Councilors: Alicia Dixon-Ibarra, Randall O'BrienAmanda ReichardMara Nery-HurwitAmy Rauworth, and Vijay Vasudevan