Our Section has committees, work groups and teams that help further our mission and bring aging issues to the attention of the public health community. Interested in learning more? Reach out to one of the members listed here.

Awards Co-Chairs: Stacey Plichta, ScD, CPHLesley Steinman, MSW, MPH, Amanda Grimes, PhD

Membership Chair: Cassie Jeng, PhD, MPH

Treasurer and Development Chair: Steve Wallace, PhD

End-of-Life/Palliative Care Work Group Chair: Anita Franzione, DrPH

Policy Chairs: Mary Beth Morrissey, PhD, MPH, JDMichael Lepore, PhD

Nominations Chair: Carolyn Mendez-Luck, PhD, MPH

Website Editor: Annie Nguyen, PhD, MPH

Communications Chair: Katie Anthony, PhD

APHA Connect Moderator: Mary Gallant, PhD, MPH

Section Booth Coordinator: Marquita Lewis, PhD, MPH

Auction Team: Kathy Sykes, MA, Mary Beth Morrissey, PhD, MPH, JDMatthew Smith, PhD, MPHSteve Wallace, PhDKaron Phillips, PhD, MPH

APHA Action Board: Kathy Sykes, MA

AJPH Editorial Board: Denys Lau, PhD

Student Liaison: Kelly Reavis