Recorded Annual Meeting Presentations

Take home the Annual Meeting by purchasing RAMP: Recorded Annual Meeting Presentations. During oral presentations, voice recordings are synced with PowerPoint slides and cursor movements — creating a digital library of presentations. RAMP gives you the freedom to access the scientific sessions you missed on demand.

Here’s a sample of a great Annual Meeting session:
Responding to the Ebola Epidemic in Liberia and Sierra Leone: Myth and Reality

Purchase RAMP:

  Post-Meeting Rates
 Presenter  $90
 Meeting Attendee  $140
 Non-attendee  $200

Once you purchase RAMP, you can access presentations by browsing the Online Program. Sessions marked with the folder icon indicate the existence of multimedia files. No multimedia files are available for poster or roundtable sessions. Clicking on the multimedia icon will enable you to access the recording.

Recordings for APHA 2015 and APHA 2016 are available!