Wellness Activities at the APHA Annual Meeting

five people in yoga pose

The APHA Annual Meeting Wellness Center is in its fourth year. We're working hard with the Physical Activity Section, the Integrative, Complementary and Traditional Health Practices Section, and the Population and Reproductive Sexual Health Section to give attendees new activities that focus on mental and physical wellness while in San Diego. During APHA 2018, hundreds of attendees will stop by the Wellness Center for activities like sunrise yoga, Tai Chi, relaxation games, meditation, stretching, chair massages and more. 

The Steps Challenge was a great success during APHA 2017. Attendees surpassed the steps goal of 5 million steps by more than 400,000 over the course of four days. Stay tuned for APHA 2018 Steps Challenge updates including this year's steps goal and instructions on how to sign up. The Steps Challenge is accessible and welcome to all!

The full APHA 2018 Wellness Center schedule will be available in the fall.

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